CGOLDENWALL 120KHZ High Frequency Multifunctional Stainless Steel Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 10L / 14L / 20L / 30L with a Basket (10L)






(Power supply can be either AC 100 ~ 120V /AC 220 ~ 240V )
Perfect for cleaning jewelry, medical and dental equipment, tools, plus hundreds of more uses.

1? frequency up to 120KHZ, it has a unique cleansing effect on precision devices and tiny cracks;
2? the time setting: 0-30 minutes digital timer setting
3? the temperature setting: 20 to 80 ? digital thermostat settings
4? Material: liner, shell are made of high quality stainless steel
5 ?Advantages: cleaning tank using industrial-grade 2.0 thick stainless steel welding, greatly extend the life
6?component quality: ultrasonic components are imported high-quality accessories
7?drainage systems: All models are installed G1 “large diameter drain ball valve
8? the cooling system: All models are installed efficient cooling fan
9? the quality certificate: passed CE, EMC, ROHS, FCC certification
10? the power adjustment: 40 to 100% power regulation
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Ultrasonic power Adjustable:

Ultrasonic cleaner is on based of Cavitation effect caused by high frequency untrasonic wave vibration signal in fluid. Microscopic bubbles are formed and they implode violently that cause Cavitation, which gives out great impact to the cleaning subject and provides an intense scrubbing action on the surface of cleaning subject. Additionally, the bubbles are small enough to penetrate even microscopic crevices, cleaning them thoroughly and constantly.